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Contact Paige Mitchell at the WHA office ( for more details about sponsoring the 2021 conference! 

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Sponsor the 2021 Conference!

By supporting the Western History Association as a sponsor you will help to bring a level of entertainment and excellence to the 2021 WHA Conference in Portland, Oregon! Sponsors help cover a variety of typical conference costs (see below). Please visit our Advertisers and Exhibitors page if you would like to place an ad in the 2021 Conference Program or on our website. You can also view our 2021 Marketing Guide here.

Events and Materials in need of support:

 Welcoming Reception ($15,000)  Grad. Student Meal Fund (no set price)
 Presidential Plenary ($1,000)  Name Badges/Lanyards ($3,000)
 Graduate Student Reception ($5,000)  Conference WiFi ($8,000)
 Awards Reception ($10,000)  Online Platform and App ($7,500)
 Exhibits Hall Coffee Break ($3,500)  Indigenous Honoring (no set price)
 K-12 Teacher-Author Lunch ($4,000)  Printed Conference Program ($15,000)
 Public History Reception ($7,500)  Conference Swag ($3,000)
 CRAW/Coalition Reception ($7,500)  Conference Totes  ($7,000)
 Tours and Local Arrangements (no set price)  Water Refill Stations ($2,500)
 Conference Signage ($1,500)  Audio and Visual Equipment ($30,000)
 Graduate Conference Staff ($3,500)  Tour and Event Transportation ($5,000)
Shipping Costs ($3,500)   

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This year, the WHA is streamlining its sponsorship process! Sponsors can now fill out the following form to reserve sponsorship. 

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The WHA is grateful to KU's History Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for their generous support!

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