2022 WHA Graduate Student Caucus Election

The 2022 WHA Graduate Student Caucus Election will be held this August, with new members being introduced at the 2022 WHA Conference in San Antonio, and we want YOU to get involved! Take a look at positions up for election and consider nominating yourself for a position.

We encourage self-nominations, and ask that you send a brief (200-word) bio, along with a photo for the election website no later than June 15, 2022. Please send all information to whagsc@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the above email.

This is a fantastic opportunity to provide service and get experience working with a professional organization!

Please find a description of duties and responsibilities for each position below.


  • The Chair is the voting member and primary contact for the WHA Council. The Chair is expected to attend the WHA Fall and Spring Council Meetings, and report on behalf of the WHAGSC.
  • Within the WHAGSC, the Chair organizes and prepares the agenda for WHAGSC meetings, facilitated through an appropriate teleconference platform or a similar medium.
  • The Chair is expected to attend the WHA Annual Conference, direct the WHAGSC Council Meeting, and offer opening remarks at the WHA Graduate Student Reception.
  • The Chair must have previously served on the WHAGSC Executive Board in an official capacity.

Vice Chair

  • The Vice Chair coordinates work across each Executive Board role and maintains a record of WHAGSC meetings and activity.
  • The Vice Chair works in concert with the Chair to prepare meeting agendas and is responsible for coordinating, scheduling, and reminding Executive Board members for meetings.
  • The Vice Chair also records the minutes of each meeting and works with the Chair to disseminate this information.

Social Media Coordinator & Public Relations

  • The Social Media Coordinator (SMC) provides regular (monthly) updates via Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media pages that the WHAGSC utilizes.
  • The SMC is responsible for sending out emails to the WHAGSC and notifying them of any major changes to the WHA, announcements, or opportunities available.
  • The SMC is in charge of advertising for the WHA Graduate Student Prizes and deadlines.
  • They are also responsible for appointing the Twitter Takeover Coordinator.

Membership and Outreach Coordinator

  • The Membership Coordinator will reach out to the members of the caucus with upcoming events and maintain a roster of student members of the WHAGSC.
  • The Membership Coordinator will serve as a direct liaison between the Executive Council and the membership to share events and news relevant to WHA Graduate Students.

Fundraising Coordinator

  • The Fundraising Coordinator will raise funds for the WHAGSC, to be used for the WHAGSC sponsored workshops at the annual conference, the WHA Graduate Student Reception, and other events or opportunities.
  • The FC is in charge of generating a list of possible donors and contacting them throughout the year.

DEI Coordinator

  • The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator facilitates efforts to identify and improve conditions within the graduate student membership and WHA broadly to promote a more inclusive community of scholars.
  • The Coordinator will work closely with the Membership Coordinator and SMC to increasing membership, opportunities, and events that extend to all WHAGSC members across identities, communities, and abilities, while also acknowledging and challenging conditions of bias, harassment, and discrimination through equitable initiatives and outreach.

The WHA is located in the Department of History at the University of Kansas.

The WHA is grateful to KU's History Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for their generous support!

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