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Sexual harassment and assault are serious issues facing society and the academy. Additionally, sexual violence has been a pervasive theme throughout the history of the North American West, frontiers, homelands, and borderlands. As an association of historians responsible for studying and teaching this diverse history, we are committed to ensuring that our scholarly work advances and contributes to national conversations surrounding these issues. The Committee on Assault Response and Educational Strategies (CARES) is a Standing Committee in the Western History Association (WHA). It is comprised of WHA members, including graduate students and professional members, dedicated to ending sexual harassment and assault in our organization and in our academic communities, and advocating for continued scholarly inquiry into the history of sexual violence in the North American West.


  • Chair: Katrina Jagodinsky, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • José Alamillo, CSU Channel Islands
  • Katherine Bynum, Arizona State University
  • Kyle Ciani, Illinois State University
  • Leah LaGrone, Weber State University
  • Katherine Massoth, University of New Mexico
  • Danielle Olden, University of Utah
  • Erika Pérez, University of Arizona

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