Distinguished Speakers Series

In 2012, the WHA launched a Distinguished Speaker Program to recognize exceptional scholars of the American West. The initial list of distinguished speakers consists of all living past presidents. Each year, the WHA President will select five outstanding individuals to add to the list of distinguished speakers. To reserve a distinguished speaker for your lecture, campus event, or conference, please click the link.

Donald L. Fixico -
The American Indian Mind and Indigenous Knowledge;

Self-determination and Modern Tribal Governments;

Red Power and the American Indian Movement;

American Capitalism and Tribal Natural Resources;

Indian Territory and Manifest Destiny in the West

Josh Reid -
American Indians and -
the Environment
Fishing in the Pacific
Treaty Rights
Whaling & Sealing

Exploration & Encounters in the Pacific Northwest

Indigenous Exploration in the Pacific Northwest and the Pacific

Indigenous Methodologies

Maritime Fur Trade

19th Century American Indian Entrepreneurs

Sovereignty & Self-Determination