Q: My travel status has changed since last December when I submitted my work for a panel. Can I participate on my session via Zoom or another online platform?

A: No, unfortunately the session rooms in the Hilton Portland will not be equipped with Wifi for panelists to participate via Zoom or another online platform. The WHA acknowledges the tremendous difficulty that its members and conference participants face with regard to travel in 2021. We wish the financial options to provide this service to onsite and online attendees was within the WHA's reach to expand access to the conference. We hope you will be able to join us in the future!

Q: If I decide I cannot participate in my onsite session, what are my options? 

A: The WHA has some suggestions: 1) Pre-record your presentation and ask your colleagues to play it onsite for the audience; 2) Find a replacement for your spot on the panel (optional, not required)

Q: I have decided not to participate in the 2021 WHA Conference onsite. What are my next steps?

A: Out of professional courtesy the WHA asks that you inform all the participants on your session and send an email to the WHA staff ( to let them know about this change to the program.

Q: Do presenters/participants have to register for the conference?

A: Yes. All conference presenters/participants must register for the conference. You can read this policy below. Everyone who submitted work for the conference through the All Academic portal agreed to this condition in their profile (see top item below) before they were able to proceed in the system.

Policy: Program Participants and Conference Registration

It is WHA policy that all conference participants (chairs, presenters, workshop leaders, plenary and session speakers, and commentators) must register for the annual conference. WHA Council has an additional policy on conference participation and registration. Conference participants who do not register for the annual conference, or who fail to show up to the conference without alerting the WHA office, will be included on a report that is forwarded to the next three WHA Program Committee Chairs*. This policy was created to address participant cancellation and encourage individuals to follow-through with professional commitments. For an example of different situations, see this list. (*No-shows in 2021 will be forwarded to 2022, 2023, and 2024 chairs.) 

Q: As an ONLINE conference participant (part of the "Pre-Con" sessions for 2021), do I need to register for the 2021 conference? 

A: Yes. There will be a registration process for all Pre-Con presenters and attendees, but registration will not cost any money. The 2021 Pre-Con Event Registration will be separate from the 2021 Onsite Registration system. Stay tuned for more!

Q: Is there a specific registration rate for retirees?

A: No. They either pay the member or nonmember rate, depending on their membership status.

Q: Does the WHA offer military/veteran discounts for membership or registration?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Is there a single-day registration option for my mom who wants to watch my presentation?

A: No. But she might be eligible for a discounted "Guest" registration rate.

Q: Does the WHA provide laptops for conference presentations?

A: No, the WHA does not provide laptops for use in the conference session rooms. Please bring your own or coordinate with your fellow panelists to secure access to a laptop. We also recommend bringing extra adapters you might need, as the WHA staff does not have these available and the hotel AV company will charge for these requests.

Q: If my membership is lapsed, can I still register for the conference as a WHA member?

A: No. Membership must be current (and not pending) at the time of their conference registration. Please renew your membership if you wish to register as a WHA member. You may also renew your membership onsite, though we recommend you renew and pre-register to take advantage of the pre-registration discount rates for members.

Q: I am an award winner. Can I bring my spouse/a guest to the awards reception? If so, can I get a discount on their ticket?

A: Yes, you can bring a guest to the ceremony. 

Q: Will there be Wi-Fi in the meeting space?

A: Yes, near the conference registration desk on the Ballroom Level. Break-out session rooms will not be equipped with wifi.

Q: If an event is sold out, can I still have a ticket?

A: If you are interested in attending a sold out event please send us your contact information and the name of the event you wish to attend. During the conference please leave your contact information at the registration desk. You will be added to a waitlist.

Q: Is there a place at the conference where I can leave my kids?

A: The WHA does not, as of 2021, provide childcare or daycare services. We do, however, fully support the attendance of children at the WHA conference.

Q: I am an award winner and cannot attend this year’s conference. What is the protocol for this?

A: After the conference, we will ship the award plaques and checks to winners who were unable to attend.

Q: I am an award winner. Do I need to register for the conference?

A: Yes. Depending on the award, you may be receiving a complimentary registration (e.g., Indian Student Conference Scholarship). See steps below if you are receiving registration as part of your award:

Please begin your online registration as normal entering your name, affiliation, and contact information. If you are to receive complimentary registration please complete all the steps except for payment. The WHA will complete your registration from there. If you are only receiving a complimentary ticket to the award reception, please complete your registration as normal, but do not reserve an award reception ticket. The WHA will complete this final step for you.

Please contact the WHA Office if you have further questions on this process.

Q: Can I register my WHA Member Spouse/Partner as a Guest Registrant?

A: No. The WHA defines a guest as a family member or someone who would not attend the conference except to accompany a conference attendee.


Check back here for more developments on the WHA 2021 Conference and its various online components!

Q: Will there be an online component for the WHA 2021 Conference?

A: Yes. The WHA plans to livestream a selected number of 2021 conference sessions. Additionally, some conference sessions will be entirely online. More information is forthcoming. 

Q: Will the WHA 2021 Conference transition entirely online if COVID-19 restrictions are still in place?

A: The 2021 WHA Conference will be held onsite in Portland. 

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